• Benefits for Businesses in the GR KIZ

    • Tax Credits - after a company's third year in the KIZ program, the company can apply for Pennsylvania tax credits equivalent to half of the revenue growth from the previous two years, up to a limit of $100,000. A company is eligible for credits each year (after the third), as long as it meets the KIZ company eligibility requirements and continues to show revenue growth.

      For more information, please click through to the DCED publication on Keystone Innovation Zone Tax Credit and Tax Credit Sale

    • Company specific programs (based upon proposals originating with the KIZ company) designed to promote and enhance employee and company development.
      • KIZ funds cannot be used for the direct purchase of capital, equipment or other infrastructure
      • KIZ funds must be matched at least dollar for dollar with another funding source, either from the company itself or another non-lending institution.
      • These programs can take the form of:
        • Internships
        • Training programs for employees
        • Aid in intellectual property / patent / trademark research and protection
        • Aid in developing and / or submitting applications for other alternative sources of funding
        • Aid in locating, developing and contracting with research partners, especially with GR KIZ higher educational institutions



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