• Testimonials

    I've made many new contacts at PN and those contacts have turned into blood drives and new donors-  for which I am truly grateful!!

    - Lois Gassert, Miller Keystone Blood Center

    Power Networking as helped our salon make contacts, garner new business and gain name recognition from other business owners that we may never have crossed paths with otherwise. 

    I also wanted to take a moment to give a testimonial for the Small Business Roundtable that is one of many roundtables offered through the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce.  I joined the Small Business Roundtable 2 years ago.  Questions and concerns are emailed prior to be added to the official agenda for the meeting held at the Chamber Training Center. This roundtable is comprised of a variety of members in various local industries. The current roster includes a lawyer, an IT firm, a marketing firm, an engineering firm, the local taxing authority, a cleaning service, a construction company and several small retail/service establishments. It has been extremely valuable to have gotten to know these individuals that are a constant resource stream when I have a problem or need advice.  Hearing opinions outside your own sphere of colleagues often allows a whole new perspective on a subject.  I walk away from this 2 hr. meeting with a wealth of ideas and knowledge! I would highly recommend joining a roundtable for the one on one exchange of ideas that comes along with it!   

    - Cindy Lightner, Manager - United Artists Salon

    I was a member of the Tuesday LEADS group as the Commercial Banking representative.  I remained in the group for about one year until my role with the Bank changed and it no longer fit my realm of networking.  The group I was introduced to were not only trendsetters and leaders in their fields, but were some of the most genuine and good-hearted individuals in Greater Berks.  Despite no longer being personally involved in the LEADS group, I see the members at other Chamber functions and still do business with many of them.  This is a great group for someone new to the area or someone looking to meet new professionals and frontrunners in their fields.

    - Caitlin Degler, Assistant Vice President|Commercial Deposit Services Sales Officer – Customers Bank

    LEADS group is a great way to network! Not only do you get to meet the DM of the companies involved in the LEADS group, but we also network for each of the companies involved, so if they sell you, you sell them to your customers and possible future customers.  This is also a way to multi-sell services. 

    - Chris Telenko, Senior Sales Executive - All County Employment

    Women2Women has been a wonderful program that has allowed not only myself, but also my colleagues, the opportunity to meet other women in the Berks area.  It has given me the opportunity to gain new clients as well as some great friends!

    - Amy L. Leibenguth, CPA, MBA, Manager, Small Business Services Group - Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP

    Power Networking has benefitted me by giving me a pre-introduction to the businesses I’ve come in contact with at this event!  That made it much easier when I called to set up that first appointment with a business.  I feel Power Networking is a must for anyone who is serious about attracting new business!

    - Ray Maillet, AVP, Branch Manager – First Priority Bank

    I attended the Roundtable lunch on October 31 and it was a great experience. I was able to meet other HR professionals in the area and listen to their comments on Wellness Programs, Healthcare Renewals, and other improvement programs. I really enjoyed being able to relate to others with similar HR concerns and how they are handling those obstacles. On the other hand, I was able to provide my own insight into suggestions that others appreciated. It is always interesting to hear the differences between practices and policies from company to company. We also had an opportunity to meet Sharon Mast who informed us of the resources that she offers to professionals, and I would like to attend one of her trainings/meetings. There are so many resources that the Chamber offers and I am glad I attended to hear about them. We are hoping to attend more meetings in the near future!

    - Kristen Gumble, Human Resources Administrator - County of Berks, Human Resources Department

    I attended the October 31, 2013, HR Roundtable. Coming from an “Education” background, it is nice to have a place where I can go to both listen and discuss issues that are currently occurring in our workplaces. Each of our organizations are so different, but the issues and solutions seem to have enough in common that we all leave feeling that we benefited from the Roundtable.

    - Diane Gibson, Human Resources Specialist - County of Berks, County Services Center 

    I participated in a few of the events that Women2Women have held, and I cannot tell you how wonderful they are. Each sessions is very informative to the subject, uplifting and real. You will find yourself getting answers to the questions you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. The speakers are great. I have made so many great contacts through networking within this group. I have learned to grow my new small business and I am being educated on the latest social media and marketing trends. Women2Women is a great asset to any woman in business or considering to start a business.  The wealth of knowledge is PRICELESS. This group of women go the extra mile to make their events fun, interesting and educational, not just a traditional seminar. You get to become involved, voice your thoughts and opinions and really gather some fantastic life wisdom. This group was long overdue for the women of Berks County! Hats off to Karen Marsdale, Carolyn Spano and the entire group who have truly been a great benefit to my business and personal life. Mentor on!

    - Michelle Foster, Michaux’s Artisan Boutique

    Our use of space at the Catalyst has been very beneficial, we have been able to network and get to know other businesses that have shared space with us. The Catalyst has and continues to be a reservoir of information, as it has helped us meet other businesses and learn from them. As a new and upcoming business, the business environment that the catalyst provides is critical for us and is cost effective. We have had enough space for private meetings in our board rooms. We have participated in Chamber events as well as Member to Member events that have exposed us and helped us in marketing our business. 

    - Elizabeth Sichinga, AGSC - Chief Executive Office-President

    LEADS group has been a great way for us to take advantage of one of the Chamber's many programs. The people we have met and developed relationships with on a weekly basis through LEADS has been invaluable to the growth of our company both financially and in the form of mentor-ship from our peers.

    - David A. Bednez, Managing Partner - Indigo Print & Marketing Group

    I have been blessed to have been on the Power Networking committee since nearly the beginning. This venue has helped me make great connections with other members. As an Ambassador, I have used Power Networking to help new members get to know others. It's a friendly, easy going way to get to know, like & trust people. Which is what networking is all about! People do business with people they know, like, and trust!

    - Marie T. Smith, Marketing Specialist - Smith Enterprises

    I have learned invaluable knowledge on information on anything from Human Resources to insurance through Chamber Expert Exchanges. A great addition to the chamber programming.

    - Jessica Prutzman, Berks Fire Water Restorations

    Great networking. I have made a lot of good business relationships , it's a valuable resource getting

    - Tim Stover

    The Roundtables our President/CEO have attended have resulted in numerous connections, solutions, and initiatives for our organization. Only one hour a month, and time well spent! Great job to the Chamber for creating a collaborative outlet for local leaders.

    - Sara Stump, Suburban Testing Labs, Inc.

    This past February 28th, 2013 the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce assisted me in hosting a networking night to highlight my photography studio. With helping to organize the evening to getting the word out to other Chamber members my studio filled up fast. Many Chamber members came out to see our newly remodeled photography studio, our beautiful images and each guest who came to network received a free publicity session. Our night of networking was an extreme success thanks to the outstanding support of the chamber. Every event I go to is always well thought out and executed with extreme professionalism and each staff member from Ellen on down know what they are doing and they do it well. Reading Chamber you are the best!

    - Dave Zerbe, Owner/Photographer - Dave Zerbe Studio of Photography

    I have benefited greatly from the Power Networking events by meeting other professionals in the region.  Through these connects I have gained customers directly; I have also gained referrals and been informed about ways to be more involved in my local community.

    - Sean Wyandt, Rothenberger Insurance Services, LLC