• Committee Involvement

    Programming Committee
    Mission is to create thought provoking, relevant and inspirational programming through Growth2Go, Women2Know, Spring Renewal Expo and other venues where women can grow professionally, be inspired and network with other women in the community.

    Assist in setting the direction for the Path2Personal Development Program. Path2Personal Development has grown from its original mentoring initiative. This initiative has a personal development focus and is comprised of a series of programs throughout the year that are interactive and provide a place for women to connect, collaborate and support each other in a relaxed environment.

    Girls2Leaders Education Committee
    In support of the Women2Women organization and Council through a wide range of programs and initiatives, the Women2Women Education Committee hopes to nurture and cultivate a sense of strength, courage and leadership in young women across Berks County. The Committee’s mission is to empower young women to seek leadership roles, to build strong relationships with others, to inspire trust and exhibit confidence, to pursue their vision, to exercise their voice, and to embrace life’s opportunities.

    Latina Initiatives Committee
    The mission of this Committee is to provide forums for women to gather, establish connections, be inspired and make new friends in a professional and safe environment.