• Training and Development

    It takes great people to grow and develop a great business. But the question of finding great people is an issue for just about all of our members.  How do you find great people?  Is there a “perfect employee” just waiting for you to hire them? Probably not.  And, what about the question of employee engagement?  How do you keep your “great” employees engaged and increase employee morale?

    Many employers are “growing their own” – and implementing training and development programs that build the skills of their current employees – getting them ready for the next step in their career and helping the company reach its goals.

    The Chamber has a wide variety of training and development programs to fit your company’s needs.  From the Lead Worker Certificate Program to The Work of Leaders to concentrated computer skills training – we can provide the tools to help your employees get ready for the next level.  Investing in your employees also helps to improve morale among workers, which increases retention and motivates them to work smarter – improving your bottom line.

    Helping individuals better understand themselves and others
    Do you know the strengths of your team?  We have several assessment tools available for everyone from the shop floor to upper management. These tools help each individual to better understand themselves and then, better understand how to relate to co-workers and the management team. These assessments can also be tailored to a group setting or as an individual initiative.

    We are always asking our members what their biggest training and development challenges are:
    Conflict – Conflict is a normal course of business -- it is not always bad to have conflict – it can be an opportunity to improve.  Working with your team on how to constructively deal with conflict will result in stronger alignment and increased productivity.

    Time Management & Goal Setting – You can’t get your business where you want it to be unless you know where you want it to go. Do you have company goals? Does your team know what your company goals are?  Do you know what you’re employees’ goals are? Time is a precious commodity, are you making the most of it?

    Communication & Team Building – Good communication is a foundation of most success stories and poor communication is a common theme in underperforming results.  Communication with your team on a regular basis not only boosts morale, but makes your employees feel like they matter and that the work they do influences the success of the company.


  • The Chamber is pleased to offer training solutions for our members.  Take a few moments and review our programs.